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Manage your finance better

Enjoy peace of mind. Your money where you want it

Spend and enjoy your money, with family insurance, rewards and much more.  Fast, simple and inclusive, the GafaPay Account is your passport to financial freedom. With on-the-spot accounts, instant top-ups and real-time spending notifications we want you to live and travel freely.

We are your fellow companion on all your adventures

Unlike banks, who are closing branches, here at GafaPay we have chosen to provide you with the necessary guidance in our changing digital world.

Because we know that cash is no longer king, but is not dead,  if you are looking for a warmhearted service to manage your money, the GafaPay Account is your best friend. You’ll have more than 9,000 places in West Africa  where you can open an account, deposit or withdraw money and make  national or international transfers.

Hello online banking, goodbye unpleasant surprises!

Good money habits start with knowing where you’re at. With the GafaPay account, stay on track and never overspend.

Available from your smartphone; you can access your profile and monitor your income and outgoings including money transfers with a single click. The first and only app of its kind!

Move money instantly

Receive your salary

Share your account details with your employer and we’ll let you know when you get paid.

Make fast transfers nationally and internationally

If transfers are between GafaPay accounts, they’re instant and completely free of charge.

Send and receive money on the move, all over the world

With the GafaPay app you can manage your account, receive money and send it to your family securely. Choose from your contact list, specify the amount and it’s ready to go!

Withdraw money wherever and whenever you like

With the Gafa card, you’ll have cash when you need it. Withdraw money from Agency , ATMs anywhere, without hidden charges*.

Make Contactless payments

Easy, fast and secure payment with a tap of the card at any Contactless terminal.

Prepare for the future and protect yourself

In these uncertain times it’s important to be able to access and manage your money in any situation. At GafaPay, your money is safer than in any strongbox.