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Our HR Vision


We believe that any success is closely linked to the performance of our personnel, and so we offer our employees a friendly working environment and the recognition of being the top performing team.
Our vision is to build and develop employee loyalty and commitment to meet the challenges together and create a genuine feeling of belonging.



Our reputation and the quality of our services depend on the value of the men and women who make up our teams. They are the foundations of our know-how and interpersonal skills. They are the driving force behind our successes.

Our ambition is to enable everyone to develop professionally by providing the resources to improve individual skills.

We are open to diverse and valuable profiles, from diverse backgrounds, motivated to join us.

 GafaPay makes the development and expansion of its human resources a major focus of its human resources policy focused on recruitment, integration, training and career management.



We offer multiple employment opportunities to young people who want to join a successful and innovative company.

To this end, Wafacash will manage the various stages of the recruitment process, from the drafting and distribution of the job offer to the pre-selection of applications and the final selection phase, to ensure an objective assessment of the candidates’ professional skills.

Recruitment at Wafacash is based on a process that places the skills held by candidates at the heart of hiring decisions:


Welcoming new employees is a matter of great importance for GafaPay. From the moment of hiring, a personalized integration programme is set up to provide appropriate orientation for new employees.

We also recommended a sponsorship system that encourages listening to our employees so that they can integrate socially and professionally.


GafaPay is continuously interested, for various purposes, in training its employees in all areas related to the activities and dynamics of the company. These training courses focus on professional development in management as well as in business.


The desire for change and progress is possible within GafaPay through promotion and internal mobility. The policy adopted throughout the professional career of employees is based on appropriate HR tools, such as annual appraisal and progress interviews, which facilitate professional development and the detection of potential.