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Gafa Merchant

Make cashless payments for goods and services securely & conveniently.

Merchant Business

The Gafa Merchant Business till is an enhancement of the existing GAFA Buy Goods till that enables business owners to collect payments on the till and use the money collected to make other transactions directly from their till.
The Gafa Merchant For Business till is Ideal for businesses in retail, such as supermarkets, restaurants, Taxi driver, hardware, pharmacies, boutiques, salons, food vendors, small kiosk owners,, second hand clothes dealers, , etc. that collect money from customers regularly as part of their business.
The Product can be accessed via USSD or via app Gafa merchant for Business App. Gafa merchant for Business App allows businesses to better visualize their payment collections and spend, see full statement and transact directly from the app. The app provides users a faster and simpler payment experience.

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To Download the Gafa Merchant for Business App for Android
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What’s great about this service
This product provides a one stop account for collecting and making payments directly from the till enabling them to separate their personal GafaPay payments from business payments. The following are the services available under this product.
• Receive payments from other Businesses and Customers
• Make payments
• Pay another business from the till – Pay bill or Buy Goods
• Make payments to Customers
• Withdraw funds
• To the owner nominated number
• To Bank
• At Gafa Agent
• Sell Airtime to customer using collected funds and earn commission