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Secure your future and that of your loved one

Live peacefully abroad with a life insurance policy that protects what really matters.  when you open your Smile Account, we provide you with free life and disability policy to cover any unexpected events, because your peace of mind is priceless!

Why should I have insurance?

The GafaPay Account offers free life and disability insurance to our customers because, when the unexpected happens, we want to be there for you. You’ve found a new life abroad, and yet you’re caring for so many people back home. So, if something happens to you, the Smile Account wants to make sure you and yours are taken care of. In case of a disabling accident or death, we’ll be there to help – you can choose how much help you think you’ll need in one of the offers below.

The GafaPay Account is about taking YOUR interest into account.

GafaPay: the only FREE insurance for global citizens

At GafaPay, we have been helping you take care of your loved ones for over couples  years and have now joined forces with E-Insurance, one of the leading international insurance companies. Through this union, we guarantee free life and disability policy to foreign residents who open a Smile Account, to protect you against the unexpected. In addition, you will have access to other premium insurance plans at an affordable and fair price

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Making insurance accessible to everyone

At times when people want more certainty in life despite the world’s growing complexity, insurance can play a key role in keeping individuals, companies and communities on tracks. Still, in many places around the world, insurance is an unmet need and perceived as a hard to access luxury product. In places like Sub-Saharan Africa, insurance penetration hardly reaches 2% in most countries. With its insurance partners, GAFA is on a mission to make insurance easier and more accessible.

This service is provided by GafaPay partner banks and financial institutions, more info at www.gafapay.com

Our insurances


When you open your Smile Account, you get basic life and disability insurance for a month with your first transfer. You can renew it 2 more times with future transfers.


Coming Soon


Be between 18 and 64 years old inclusive.

Open a Account and make a money transfer from west Africa.

Accept the activation of the insurance policy when making money transfer

Be a tax resident in west africa.

30 days duration with option to renew.

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