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GafaPay, a West-African Fast-growing Wallet Provider and a Global Neobank SaveChain, Partnered to Launch the US Card Product, Opening Access to the US Financial Infrastructure for Millions of Underbanked Africans

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GafaPay, a provider of a mobile wallet with over 300,000 users in Sub-Saharan Africa, announces a partnership with SaveChain, a global neobank for unbanked people, which allows opening a US bank account to anyone in the world. The partners will launch a new virtual card product for GafaPay digital wallet to open access for millions of Africans to international money transfer, US bank account opening, mobile payments, e-commerce, etc.

The initiative addresses the financial inclusion problems in the Sub-Saharan region, where hundreds of millions of adults are unbanked and have no access to essential financial services.

Partners will offer USD-nominated virtual bank cards to 300,000 GafaPay’s users in Senegal, then launch the service powered by the SaveChain money transfer technology via stablecoins in the US, home to over 2.1 million immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mouhamadou Al Amine SARR, Senegal-born Founder of GafaPay, comments: “While studying finance in the US, I conceived the idea of a startup to address financial exclusion issues in Senegal and founded my company in 2021. We are excited to partner with SaveChain, which shares the same mission to bring financial inclusion to West Africa thanks to their crypto-native financial technology. We already have a waiting list of 200,000 clients eager to try the new product.”

“Customers deserve full control of their money, and we give them a choice to keep their funds in USD, save them against national inflation, do international transfers, invest, or spend the way they want. Our mission is to bring financial inclusion to regions where traditional banks fail by providing access to WEB3 stable-coin technologies. I’m proud to have a partner with vast experience in the region with multi-billion potential,” said Igor Khmel, SaveChain CEO.About GafaPay

GafaPay is West African wallet provider with 300,000 clients of its innovative products that include online payments, international rapid money transfer and other essential financial services. Gafapay has 6,000 points of sales and operates in 16 countries in partnership with UBA Bank, FBN Ban, and others.

Since launch in 2021, via GafaPay app have been made tens of millions of dollars of payments by thousands of customers. In January, 2023 the company plans launch in the US.About SaveChain

SaveChain is a global neobank for unbanked people allowing opening US bank accounts to anyone via easy-to-use interface and powered by its technology of integration between stable-coin decentralized wallet and US bank accounts.

SaveChain was created by two founders. Igor Khmel is the 1st Ukrainian with Stanford MBA with 10+ years experience of founding FinTech and blockchain startups and products. Scott Webster is a CFO, CPA, and mortgage broker with 20 years of experience in the U.S. SaveChain is supported by PolygonDAO and CELO community fund.