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GafaPay App, closer to home than ever

Save time and money! In just 5 minutes and 3 clicks you can spread smiles thousands of kilometres.

Our App service is the cheapest and most convenient way to transfer money, whether it’s to support family members or to pay for services overseas.

GafaPay App is a payment account, accessible from the GafaPay mobile App downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, making it possible for account holders to carry out a multitude of transactions in a simple, fast, secure way from their mobile phones or from the website www.gafapay.com

GafaPay App

GafaPay App offers several cash payment and money transfer solutions for a wide variety of uses. 

Opening a GafaPay App account is free, as are some features such as cash deposit, merchant payment and Telecom top-up.

A telephone number = A payment account

Manage your money differently with GafaPay App, a new mobile account that is convenient, secure and accessible to everyone, allowing you to make one-click transactions wherever you are and whenever you want. Download the App now:

It’s easy to open an account. Simply visit the GafaPay branch of your choice, with a valid ID and your mobile phone.

Or, if you want a GafaPay App Basic account, you can open it in a few seconds using your GafaPay app mobile App or through the website: www.gafapay.com.

GafaPay App is a moble account that allows you to complete transactions quickly, securely, and conveniently via your mobile phone or the web.


Pay for your purchases with your mobile phone from a wide network of local merchants.

Send money from your gafapay app mobile account to another mobile account, to a bank account or to a Gafapay branch.

Receive your Cash Express transfer from any Gafapay agency directly to your GafaPay App mobile account without having to travel.

Top-up your mobile phone card or that of your loved ones with a single click.

Deposit or withdraw your money whenever and wherever you want through a wide network of Gafapay branches and GafaPay App-authorized agents.

GafaPay App Pro

GafaPay App Pro is a payment account, accessible from the mobile App downloadable from the AppStore and Google Play, intended for the professionals who work in VSE/SME/GE and wish to offer payment via mobile phone for their clients.


Have GafaPay App Pro and receive instant payments from your customers. Pay your suppliers and invoices easily!

GafaPay App Pro offers you a multitude of services to best manage your business for optimized management and monitoring of all operations through a complete history of all transactions, payments and collections made.


GafaPay App Pro simplifies the daily management of your payments.
Opening a GafaPay App Pro account is completely for free. The sales agent validates your business information and your account is created free of charge.
No investment in equipment is required, you only need your mobile phone to be operational.